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Share your views in English! B2
Do. 02.03.2023 10:30

Speaking practice for those who already have a good knowledge of English but want to increase their self-confidence by building their vocabulary. Written, reading, listening and video exercises will help you learn. Opinions shared on serious and light-hearted topics - current political and environmental issues, cultural and literary themes. Course materials include some documents provided by the course leader (a native British English speaker) together with the course book "Headway Culture and Literature Companion B2". Bitte beachten: Das Lehrbuch wird von der Kursleiterin besorgt und ist bei dieser zu bezahlen.

Kursnummer 231406040F
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Gebühr: 120,00
Upper intermediate Conversation B 2
Mo. 06.03.2023 18:00

Learn to feel comfortable communicating in English! Build your vocabulary and use the vocabulary you have. We will discuss themes of interest. Lehrbuch: Texts to be provided by the instructor.

Kursnummer 231406042F
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Gebühr: 100,00
Dozent*in: Kathryn Bishop
06.06.23 11:39:55